Saturday, October 27, 2018

Joel R. Campbell to William Elbert Campbell, April 27, 1906

The following letter was written by Civil War veteran Joel R. Campbell to his son William Elbert Campbell in 1906. Mentioned in the letter are Joel's other sons Marcellus and George W. Campbell.

4 - 27 - 6

Dear Elbert

I have with held writing to you, thinking I would get to go to your house have no spare horse now they are harrowing & commenced planting this morning. Bird has a colt & it came very near getting drowned. Just found it in time to save it.

I saw Marcell Sunday he had sold as he thought the Balance of the goods took invoice of goods $23.00 & something out side of Stone fixtures $2.60 when it come to Paing & fixing note he only wanted to pay $4 00 down & the remainder about $1 00 a month I didn't think that would be agreeable with you and Harve (it is not with me). Am looking for a letter today from W. M. C. don't know whether I will get it or not. Am going to your House as soon as I can and want to stay a few days when I go if I can.

Will have to close as it is mail time.

J. R. C.

George has sold his mare for $1.10 to Billy Alexander.