Monday, April 10, 2017

The World War II Letters of Billy J. Campbell, Letter 6

Somewhere on Luzon
June 13, 1945

Hello Everbody

Well I am on solid ground again and am feeling O. K. Its kinda hot but I am getting used to it fast. Boy I am glad to get off that boat though, I was really getting tired of that. I can tell now that we stopped in the Hawaiian Islands on the way over and I have seen Manila.

We have been buying cocoanuts and pineapples from the natives here. They are high as heck but naturally an American is curious about everthing new and odd. And I mean these natives are odd. You get on a train and have to stop it to run the Philipine children off the track or so it seemed to us. The favorite pastime of the natives seem to be raising children. They dont have many clothes but I havent seen one yet with dirty clothes on. As soon as the children are big enough to walk, they learn to say "Hello Joe" to an American soldier. You can get a handful of Jap money for two cigarettes. They all smoke when they can get anything to smoke young and old alike smoke it doesn't make any difference how young or hold.

Gilbert and Mason are just across the road from me. We have been together all time since we were at home. I still haven't seen Alfred since I was at home. I hope Gilbert and I stay together.

How is Susy and Ham? I bet they are both getting a good sun tan. Are Doris and Anne out of school? Are they going to school anywhere this summer? Joe should be busy now that he is out of school, driving the tractor this summer.

I guess I had better close now. There isn't as much here to write about as I thought there would be. Tell Susy and Ham to be good. Tell everbody hello and don't worry about me. I haven't gotten any mail here yet but I will pretty soon, I hope.