Saturday, June 9, 2018

World War I Letters of Russell County, Feburary 14, 1919

The following letter originally appeared in the February 14th, 1919 issue of the Lebanon News:

"Mount Mayen, France Jan. 1.

Mr. E. B. Sutherland.

My Dear father:

as this is the dawn of a new year and I have bid goodbye to the old year, again I am pleased to be able to write you. I am glad and thankful I am well and permitted to write and live through another year and I welcome the New year with gladness and pray that I may never see another year of war. Oh the suffering that men and women have gone through with. Sherman said "war was hell," but I say it is worse than that, but thanks to the Lord it is all over now, the victory won. American people must not think too highly of ourselves and think that we alone won the victory. We must remember our brave allies and our brave women who did their part. Of course the soldiers did their part but the good people back home, the church, the fathers and mothers prayers, these turned the tide of battle for us. Some may think strange of this but I really believe it.

Well father, I am glad you heard from brother Dewey. Hope the boys are alright. I was sorry to hear of Lafayett Sexton's death but we must remember that if any soldier is killed, he has paid the supreme sacrifice and died a heroes' death for his country.

I received three Lebanon papers and saw where several of our Virginia boys were killed and wounded over here.

We are back a few miles from the railroad and I think they are determined to starve us out. I haven't had enough to eat since I came to the company. You know I hate to write this but the whole company will back me up. The trouble is we can't buy anything to eat where we are now.

Well father, I saw a boy from Co. L. 116 U. S. Infantry, who said he knew brother Dewey. He is in the 29th Division. I think that division is booked for home.

I received my Christmas box the 28th of December. It certainly was fine and I cannot say enough for the Red Cross and Y. M. C. A. You know they are doing a good work.

I expect to be in the U. S. soon as I learn they are going to take us to the coast. I would like to received a letter from all my friends in the United States. I think I will close for today. I remain as ever your son,

Co. K 54 U. S. Inft. Reg."