Saturday, July 21, 2018

The World War II Letters of Billy J. Campbell, Letter 9

Oct 17 [1945]

Hello Everybody

Its after bed time now but maybe I can say hello before they turn the lights out.

We are still fooling around trying to train pull guard and details. I have never had more than two men of my section with me at once when we were working on the machine guns. There is 8 men in the section but some of them are always on detail or something. I think ever time they get a new eight ball they send him to my section. Maybe nobody else can get them on the ball like me!

We had retreat parade this evening for the first time and we have 3 parades in the next 4 days. I hope they think we look too well to stay in Japan. I think they could use a good outfit like the 1st Cav back in the States for xmas parades and so forth.

Some of the boys were telling tonit that 40 point men were going home, according to the records that gets ever man in this division. If thats true they will change our point score back down to what it is supposed to be. They have been talking about making this outfit over strength but so far we just got enough men from the 43rd to replace the last bunch that went home. It will take another 20 men to make it up to strength.

I heard from Doris yesterday. I think they are both homesick. Maynard, Sam & Lissie all wrote me and sent me a picture yesterday.

Its about time for somebody to come around raising heck about the lights so I had better get in bed. I don't want to lose these 3 stripes this quick.